All you need to know whilst on safari

Yes, this is Africa, but it can get pretty chilly!! In our winter months (Jun/Jul/Aug) temperatures can drop as low as a mere 2-3 degrees Celsius in the early morning and once the sun sets; we do have plenty of blankets and hot water bottles but no one likes being too cold so bring plenty of layers! Daytime temperatures are gorgeous with maximums of 23-25 degrees. We recommend at least one warm layer at other times of the year where highs and lows can range between 38 and 16 degrees Celsius respectively.


There is good reason why we insist on walking guests to and from their tents, especially after dark. Our camps are wild and unfenced and anything can be sneaking through, so let one of the experienced camp staff lead the way, we know what to look and listen for and importantly what to do if we encounter something on the way! Of course this is applicable during the day too so be aware of your surroundings, stick to the pathways and if in doubt stay put, we’ll come and get you! We must stress though that you are perfectly safe inside your accommodation!


Oh the sun… don’t underestimate it even when it feels cool. And even if you’re under the shade of the boat or vehicle canopy the solar radiation reflecting off the water and the surrounding ground can be harmful. Plenty of sunscreen and a good hat are a must! And drink plenty of water! Our boreholes are deep, clean and pure, so staying hydrated is easy. 


Mosquitoes aren’t much of an issue during the dry season, especially when it’s cooler. You may not even notice any at all! Where we are in Kafue is not a malaria spot, however it is likely that during the course of your stay in Zambia you will be in places where it is prevalent, so do follow your doctor’s orders if you have chosen to take prophylactics. If you feel ill at any time upon returning home it is important that you notify your doctor that you have been in a malaria area. 


All the staff are on hand to make your safari an unforgettable experience and nothing is ever too much trouble! If you have any specific requirements that weren’t communicated before or on your arrival then let us know. And of course if there is something you are concerned or unhappy about during your stay, let one of us know and we’ll do everything we can to fix it!

WiFi and phone signal are not available at any of our camps, however what you should know is that we have instant and reliable communications in case of emergencies. What’s more, your nightly rate includes emergency evacuation cover that will get you to the nearest medical facility in the event of a life or limb situation, no questions asked.

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