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Right from the get-go Phil and Tyrone had envisioned creating a conservation project in the Kafue to reinforce existing efforts in and around the Park; it is, after all, their passion and how they met at University when studying wildlife conservation at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology. What they didn’t know is how quickly the threats to wildlife across the continent would escalate, and so at the end of 2017 began the process of establishing Musekese Conservation.


Today Musekese Conservation is an integral part of the safari experience and by coming to the Kafue you are directly benefitting conservation; a portion of every bednight is allocated to projects in the Kafue.


Together with Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Musekese Conservation has trained two full teams of anti-poaching wildlife police officers and supports a further three teams in the field. Results have been astonishing and the teams continue to excel in the field from their anti-poaching base which was completed in 2019. Musekese Conservation recognizes the important role that adjacent communities should play in the greater scheme of things and we look forward to becoming further ingrained in these areas to ensure they benefit as they should.


We are incredibly grateful for the sponsorship that we receive from our supporters, not least the many wonderful guests who stay with us. Please take a look at www.musekeseconservation.com for further details and if you would like to make a contribution please contact us at musekeseconservation@gmail.com or alternatively visit our JustGiving page using the link below.

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