Keeping it clean

Conservation is at the core of what we do, but so are the little things that make a difference; we don’t claim to be an eco-lodge nor do we subscribe to the many award schemes out there for being ‘green’, we just are. 


Our camps rely on solar power for all our electric needs. We installed costly boreholes at all our sites from which we operate, taking away the need for bottled water. Bottled beers and sodas are refilled in Lusaka. Locally sourced amenities, such as soaps and shower gels are naturally derived and free from harmful ingredients. We separate our waste and return it to Lusaka, away from the National Park, and our latest initiative has removed the need for firewood in camp, save for the few small logs used at the campfire – a prerequisite for any bush camp!


Of course, we do have a back up generator for emergencies. And indeed, our game viewing vehicles do still run off fossil fuels. Yes, there is more to be done and we are constantly learning and striving to be better, to be greener, and to be more responsible. Don’t forget to have a look at our conservation program at and if you have any ideas how we can do more please get in touch!


Ethical and responsible guiding is also part of being environmentally friendly and is a major consideration of what we do on a daily basis. Have a question? Ask us here

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