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Liuwa Plains in the kingdom of the Lozi people, has long been a favourite destination of ours outside the Kafue and so every year, come November, we run a few set date trips to the West. Liuwa hosts one of the largest concentrations of wildebeest and zebra outside of the Masai Mara/Serengeti ecosystems and is home to lion and cheetah too, not to mention an unrivalled abundance of birdlife. Hyena numbers and interactions are second to none!

We take a maximum of six guests into Liuwa on each safari and base ourselves out of an exclusive mobile camping site. Please contact us if you would like more information. 

Aside from the profusion of mammals, Liuwa Plains is about so much more. An unrivalled birders paradise, where the sheer volume of otherwise rare species leave your eyes wide open, with great flocks numbering in the hundreds of both rare wattled and crowned crane adorning the fringes of the water-filled pans. Overhead at sunset flocks of thousand upon thousand of black-winged pratincole hawk the plethora of insect life. Aside from the avian amazement, the other breathtaking spectacle is the sheer variety and uniqueness of the plant life in Liuwa. Vast pink lily filled plains as far as the eye can see are interspersed with yellow grangea lined pans each bubbling with life, creating the most beautiful natural carpet to a scene filled with mammals and dramatic skies.

Shortly before the rains arrive the wildebeest give birth and concentrate around the central parts of the sandy plains. Dramatic thunderstorms fill the horizon and carpets of pink sand lilies adorn the landscape.



Days spent far out on the Liuwa Plains gently game driving between sightings of inquisitive Hyena,  observing the tiniest grassland bird or swirling flocks of pelicans, following up on previous days unusual sightings to see how things naturally developed or possibly searching out concentrations of Wildebeest game viewing on Liuwa is best described as organic, growing as the nature dictates.
Informality and flexibility are critical, frequent stops to get out and feel the grass under your feet, let the sounds of the wind across the plains and the plaintiff calls of Hyena wash over you. There are lots of opportunities for photography both from the vehicle and at ground level. 
Morning coffee or an evening G&T served on the Landrover bonnet has to beat anywhere else hands down.
Your guides are expert at navigating these grasslands and possess a vast knowledge born from years of experience bringing visitors and Wildlife filmmakers and supporting wildlife conservation efforts here on the Liuwa Plains.

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