Frederike Otten and Gareth Broekhuizen

Camp Managers

From the Netherlands and South Africa, having spent the last few years living in Arusha, Tanzania, they have now returned to Zambia where they met back in 2014.



Frederike was fortunate enough to go on many safaris to Southern and East Africa with her family whilst growing up. Since her first safari, she loved the African bush and thus she chose to do her internship of her Hotel Management studies in South Luangwa. After completing her studies she alternated working in the sports and travel industry and travelling herself, from the D.R.C. to New Zealand and on to Central America. She is a good amateur wildlife photographer, a budding cook and a true animal lover! 



Gareth left home after qualifying as a pilot and has spent the last 9 years flying around Southern and East Africa. In 2014, whilst living and working as a pilot in South Luangwa, he obtained his guides license. Now, the Zambian bush draws him back and he is happy to spend some time on the ground, pursuing his passion for birds, fish and looking after his and Frederikes Land Rover.



They are both very adventurous, climbing volcanoes and SCUBA-diving with sharks among other things, and are both passionate about wildlife and conservation. 


We are a team dedicated to making your safari experience the best it can be. 

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