Intimate bush camp in Kafue

Operational months Musekese Camp - June to December


Musekese Camp is perched on the edge of a spectacular lagoon hidden away from the outside world. Musekese has made a name for itself with expert guiding, exceptional food and phenomenal wildlife viewing. Explore this game-rich area by vehicle, foot or boat along the emerald green Kafue River.


Musekese Camp has only five chalets, taking a maximum of ten people. There's a minimum of two guides on hand at any time, which means you are entirely assured of activities taken at your pace and interest.


Rooms at Musekese Camp are spacious and comfortable with all the necessities. This includes en suite flushing toilets and warm bucket showers under a mix of canvas and thatch. All our power requirements are drawn from a well configured solar set up. Whilst there are no charging facilities in the rooms, the main area has plenty of surplus power 24/7 to keep all your devices fully charged and drinks ice cold.


Activities at Musekese Camp

We appreciate that our guests come with a great variety of interests and we have taken care to ensure that the well-maintained equipment we use reflects that. From the flat-bottomed hulls of our sturdy river boats, to the option of game drive vehicles with or without the roof. For the keen photographers we have specially adapted camera mounts to ensure complete stability for your shots.

Musekese Camp’s location lends itself to a wide variety of activities, more often than not dictated by the happenings in the night! A pre-dawn wake-up call and light breakfast precedes the morning’s activities. Whether you’d like to stretch the legs, head out in the vehicles, be on the water or simply watch the wildlife go by from the comfort of camp.

Walking safaris


Walking is best in the morning when temperatures are cool and tracks and signs are fresh! Walks are tailored to suit, but are typically a gentle amble through the bush. This allows you to experience the smaller, more intricate things that might be missed from a vehicle.


This is not to say you won’t encounter the big stuff! In the company of a professional guide, this can be the most fascinating and exhilarating way to experience wildlife. Walks are always accompanied with an escort scout from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Zambia has the best safety record in the region and this is a tried and tested system.


Game drives


Game drives are a sure bet for wildlife photographers allowing you to get closer and cover greater distances. Musekese Camp has a modest road network designed by us to maximize game viewing opportunities whilst also preserving the different habitats and leaving great expanses for walking.


Boat trip


Boating is arguably one of the finest ways in which to experience the Kafue National Park; little is known about the Kafue River by first time visitors, but it never fails to impress, with its crystal clear perennial waters drawing in boundless wildlife and a stunning array of birds. The low angle on the water pitched against the steep, evergreen banks is a photographers dream. Our flat-bottomed boats are the perfect platform.


Or spend the day at Musekese Camp!


It also pays to spend time in camp! The lagoon in front of Musekese is always busy and a little bit of patience is frequently rewarded. In the dry season large herds of elephant gather in and around camp whilst the big cats stalk in the long grass on the fringes. Action is never far away, not even from our viewing deck or your private terrace at your chalet.

Getting to Musekese Camp


Musekese Camp can be reached by car and plane. From Lusaka it's an 5 to 7 hour drive. Departing in the morning ensures you'll be well in time for an afternoon activity. An other option is to arrive by plane. There's an airstrip close to the camp and it's only a one-hour flight to Lusaka. Either you choose to travel by road or air, we can arrange transport for you.


Extend your stay


Musekese Camp is a destination in itself, but you can easily combine it with our Ntemwa-Busanga plains camp. It's only a 3 hour game drive between the two camps, but you'll enjoy two truly different safari experiences due to changing landscapes and wildlife. Find out more about Ntemwa-Busanga Plains camp.

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