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Our origins

The pioneering origins of our camps started with a single vision, to protect the Kafue.

Jeffery & McKeith Safaris was established in 2012 initially offering walking trails and logistical support to natural history filmmakers.

In a seemingly inaccessible area Tyrone and Phil set up a temporary bush camp with the goal to put Kafue back on the map. Exploration met infrastructure as they developed an access road and a modest game drive network. Wildlife monitoring confirmed the potential of the area and, supported by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), anti-poaching efforts began. Wildlife began returning to the healthy numbers of the past.

Explorations led them to the Eden Lagoon and a chance of a more permanent base from which to operate safaris. In 2016 a lease agreement was signed with DNPW and Musekese Camp was established. Five years down the line and the camp remains a charming fixture in the Kafue National Park, and whilst it evolves with the times one thing is for certain, it shall remain a bush camp!

True to their cause Tyrone and Phil founded Musekese conservation

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The Kafue National Park

One of the great wilderness areas of Africa.

The Kafue National Park in Western Zambia remains one of Africa’s last true wilderness areas. It boasts 22,500 square kilometres of pristine wilderness with magnificent scenery, game viewing and bird watching. Largely untouched by development - much of the park remains designated as a ‘Protected Wilderness Area’ where only walking is allowed.

Diversity of fauna and flora is unrivalled; from the Busanga Plains wetland in the north, through the central miombo woodlands and into beautiful savanna grasslands. All made possible by the mighty Kafue River and its tributaries.

There’s an abundance of big game including elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, cheetah and African wild dog. Hippos and herbivores are also very well represented, but it is the intricate details from fungi to orchids, endemic birds to towering treetops that keep visitors returning. The vastness encourages exclusivity and it's not uncommon to enjoy quality sightings without anyone else around!

Kafue National Park can be enjoyed from June to November with the unique Busanga wetland accessible from July to October. After this the onset of the summer rains signals the end of the season - a time where only the wildlife remains.

The Team

The people that make us who we are

Tyrone and Phil

Tyrone McKeith and Phil Jeffery first met while studying degrees at the Durrell Institute of Conservation Ecology in Kent, UK. During that time Phil and Tyrone hatched the idea of establishing an ethical safari business. Their goal would be to utilise expert local knowledge and provide employment to local people while adhering to strong ecological and conservationist values - principles which continue to guide Jeffery and McKeith Safaris.

Today, Musekese & Ntemwa-Busanga camps are globally recognised for their quality safari experience and great passion as well as an unwavering dedication to the conservation of the Kafue National Park.

Currently, Phil and Tyrone are working hard to promote ‘Musekese Conservation’ whilst maintaining their global safari reputation.

Further to their success Jeffery & McKeith Safaris’ expertise in planning and guiding has made them a firm favourite with the world’s best-known wildlife documentary filmmakers. Film location camps are managed under the ‘Reel Nature’ banner, a part of the Jeffery & McKeith Safaris’ family of wildlife companies. Here they add to Zambia’s popularity through remote park access and logistical solutions for wildlife and cultural filmmakers.

Mubita Mubita

So nice they named him twice! Along with Ernest, Mubita has been with us since the very beginning. A general worker at Musekese Camp, not often seen, but often heard (laughing!), always working hard to feed his 2 wives and multiple children.

Ernest Muhongo

The joker of the staff! Our joint-longest serving staff member, Ernest started with us on Day 1 and continues to go from strength to strength, from mastering house-keeping, now to waitering and cheffing. Hailing from the agricultural community of 'TBZ' he enjoys the seasonality of the safari season.

Gilbert Chiwaya

Gilbert is one of the most senior guides in Zambia, qualified to the highest level in several of Zambia's wildlife areas. Aside to his depth of knowledge he is an absolute gentleman with a subtle sense of humor that is impossible to not be infected by!

Mickson Kapaipi

Kapaipi is the main man in the kitchen. Small in stature but large in personality and experience; Kapaipi has always and continues to keep ourselves and our guests well fed in his role as Head Chef!

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